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Voy contigo is a mobile application which seeks to empower women against gender-based violence.
. It is medium that allows us to keep us connected in real time when an emergency arises and to share experiences,
educate and strength ourselves through the mutual support we can offer.

To help us foster this community as a loving and functional space, make sure:
You share your experiences, support, opinion and advices

We all have experience, history and can provide words of encouragement. You are welcome to share your opinion and respectful and suitable advices, and also to report something that happened to you to leave evidence and prevent other users.

You are respectful and kind to others

Make sure to respect other users. Remember: this is a space of sorority and many of us have been victims of violence. Be empathetic with other women and what they have been through.

You contribute as a community moderator

Every time you see a problem or any kind of abuse, please report it immediately. We want this to be a safe community. We may not see everything that happens within the community, but we can make it safer with your help.

This is what you CANNOT do in Voy Contigo:
Don’t use violent, rude, homophobic, or racist language

Don’t discriminate, abuse or judge others by their skin color, race, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or other preferences. We are here to help each other in safe and bias-free environment.

Don’t promote or advertise your business, don’t leave spam messages

This community is not intended to publicize a personal brand, website, business, or any kind of for-profit organization. To ask other users to follow you on social media is not allowed. Don’t leave spam comments in the reports or the community news. If you have a business or other kind of activity that can bring value to the community, let us know at colaboraciones@voycontigo.app

Don’t violate our terms and conditions, don’t do anything criminal or illegal

To deceive the community, making fake reports or asking for help if you don’t need it are considered major misconduct and may result in a temporary suspension or deletion of your account. Please, let us know immediately of any irregular or criminal activity. If something illegal is happening, Voy Contigo reserves the right to contact the appropriate authorities and cooperate with all the legal proceedings.

El abuso de estas normas

If you think a comment, message or any other content violates the Community Guidelines or Terms of Use, please let us know or report it in the App. Voy Contigo will take actions if appropriate. Keep in mind we won’t be able to share if any actions were taken, but we do take all claims very seriously.

Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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